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Multifaceted and diversely talented, Devin Taylor is always looking for the inside scoop in the NXT Universe. A former broadcast journalist, Taylor transferred her skills to NXT and can be seen conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with members of the NXT roster. Make no mistake, though: Taylor is just as effective with throwing a right hand ... Read More

About Brittany Fetkin
Name: Brittany Fetkin 
Ring name: Devin Taylor 
From:Temecula, California 
DOB: February 3rd 1988 
Bio: Multifaceted and diversely talented, Devin Taylor is always looking for the inside scoop in the NXT Universe. A former broadcast journalist, Taylor transferred her skills to NXT and can be seen conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with members of the NXT roster. Make no mistake, though: Taylor is just as effective with throwing a right hand as she is with wielding a microphone, so the entire NXT Divas division should be placed firmly on notice.
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Breaking Ground Afterbuzz recap!
Published by: · Date: 2015/11/05 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Interview, Screen Captures, Video

Episode 2 of Breaking Ground is on the WWE Network and AfterBuzz TV has a recap with special guest Brittany Fetkin, also known as our beloved, Devin Taylor! Brittany was a big part of the second episode BG, but she says that she was originally was not on the show, but over time they started focusing more on her and the episode was basically hers. They talk about the “I think you know why I’m here” quote and Brittany even mentions that she has even made some t-shirts with that quote. She talks about how she didn’t understand when people would say that wrestling was not just a career, but a lifestyle. Brittany says that wrestling really does become your life, and you eat, sleep, and breathe wrestling. She says her happiness was starting to fade a little when she would sit backstage show after show, and it is more taxing than actually going into a ring and performing. Brittany says that Sara encouraged her transition from backstage reporter to an in ring competitor as she [Sara] thought she [Brittany] was doing a good job.

She goes on to talk about the feud that most of the NXT Universe wanted to see: Devin Taylor vs. “Ms. 50 Shades of Gray Hair”, Dana Brooke. She says that many people tweeted her asking her when she was going to lash out on Dana, but maybe one day she will get her chance to clock her. Brittany says she hasn’t watched BG, but not because she refuses to, but because she has lived it. She left with a positive feeling/attitude and she doesn’t want to look back and think “I was portrayed in a bad way”, she feels like she left on a good note and she wants to keep that in her mind. She talks about her injuries and how she kind of expected the outcome of her situation. After her second injury, she mentions how she knew the company felt about people getting injured a lot and was sort of expecting it. Brittany says she was always wanted to be a journalist and pictured herself doing serious news, but ended up in wrestling. While she says that at no point was she ever selfish and wanted it to be about her, she does say that she wished she could’ve shown a little more personality.

The interviewers ask her what is she doing now and Brittany candidly mentions her recent road trip, spending time with family and friends, she just did her. She says she loves entertainment, and sports and she sees herself doing something in entertainment. She says she loves change and is rolling with it. One thing she won’t miss is weighing in once a week because that was a big “mind fuck”, but there are some things and people that she will definitely miss. They then ask her what she likes to do in her free time and she says she picked up some random hobbies at NXT. She says she has a thing for jigsaw puzzles. She tried belly dancing on Monday nights, played on a co-ed flag football team, and also randomly played soccer with some of the NXT guys, but it wasn’t something they could do very often.

Brittany talks about how she was part of the LA Divas Search and that some of the workouts she saw some of the guys at the tryouts do were hard, but at the end of the day, they were seeing how far they could push people and who wanted it the most. She later on talks about how people should remember it is entertainment and they have to create drama on whether a girl wants to get in a take a move, or other things like that. Brittany talks about Sara Del Rey and says that she considers her to be one of the best even amongst the men, and that even some of the guys would ask Sara for advice. She says Norman Smiley and Billy Gunn are awesome and that each coach is so different, but you learn so much from each one. She says one of the best things she got out of working in WWE was promo class and working with WWE legend, Dusty Rhodes. She says you never know what you have until it’s gone and she wishes she would’ve picked his brain more while he was still with them, but the time she spent with him was incredible and she learned a lot from him. She says she’s seen a lot of people put time and effort into their promos and characters, but then the next day they would have to try something new. Brittany plus her twitter, instagram, and her t-shirts (which you can find on ) to end the show.


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NXT Recap: October 15th!
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/17 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, WWE NXT

This week, Devin does her final interview on NXT, with Dawson and Dash. Devin stars to talk about The Vaudevillains impressive victory. Dawson interrupts her and tells her that they beat the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Vaudevillains, in Austin, Texas which according to Dash’s calculations makes them the #1 contenders. Dawson also states that in his mind, they [Dawson and Dash] are the rightful owners of the NXT Tag Team Championships. Yet instead they are facing Enzo and Big Cass. Dawson tells Devin that if she sees Enzo and Cass to tell them that Dash and Dawson are “simple, plain, and direct.” He wants Devin to ask them “How you doin’?” Which prompts Dash to add “and you can’t teach that.” Dawson pokes her nose as they make their exit. Devin looks visibly annoyed by this, can’t blame her!


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Devin Taylor no longer part of WWE NXT
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/10 · Filed Under: Uncategorized

Devin Taylor has been released from her WWE contract … and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned the NXT interviewer wasn’t the only person they let go. WWE confirmed to Pro Wrestling Sheet that Devin Taylor was informed of her release this morning — less than a day after last night’s NXT TV taping. We’re told Cal Bishop — who had only made a few appearances on NXT TV — was also released from his contract Friday … however it’s unclear what the reason for their releases were. This may be the end of the character Devin Taylor but it is just the beginning for Brittany Fetkin. Devin has been apart of NXT since 2013 and was said to soon debut this was an obvious let down to a lot but we wish her luck in her future endeavors.


NXT Recap: September 30th!
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/02 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, Video, WWE NXT

This week on NXT, Devin interviews Jason Jordan [who apparently now wants to be called JJ] and his partner Chad Gable! She mentions to them that since they’ve beated the Hype Bros, they now go on to face Baron Corbin and Rhyno in the semi-finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. She says that some people are wondering how they will overcome those odds [Baron and Rhyno]. This doesn’t sit well with Chad so he corrects her. He becomes aggravated and asks her if she knows that he wrestled in the olympics. JJ then cuts in and says that what Chad meant is that they’re not overcoming “anything”. Baron and Rhyno have to overcome them. JJ says that if those two can even get along for a second or even for 3, that they STILL don’t stand a chance because “we’re that good.” Chad then mentions that they’ve won a lot of tournament finals so whether it’s Dash and Dawson, which JJ quickly shoots down by saying “not likely”, or if it’s Finn and Joe, they’ll be ready. And just as Chad thinks JJ is about to say his name Dash and Dawson show up! Dawson says he was basically standing around and heard them say that it was unlikely that they would face them in the finals. Dash then cuts in and mentions how the last time they saw JJ and Chad in the ring was at Brooklyn when they lost that 8-man tag team match. Dawson says that Chad was doing what he does best: laying on his back and hearing the “1, 2 and and the 3!” He also says they should consider this “your End of Days at Takeover!” Oop. This then leads an argument between the two teams while Devin looks on, she seems unbothered by this and with a shrug, ends up leaving.


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NXT Recap: September 16th!
Published by: · Date: 2015/09/17 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, Video, WWE NXT

First up this week, Devin is with Emma and Dana Brooke! Devin mentions that they requested this time when Emma interrupts her and tells her “the sooner you shh, the sooner I can talk.” Emma says that a lot of things seem to be happening in the Women’s division of NXT, yet they seem to be missing out on all the fun. Dana then says that her and Emma have decided to shake things up and show the “newbies” who is in charge. Dana then finishes by saying that “playtime is over” and gives Devin her signature pat on the head. Emma stays behind and laughs as she says “it never gets old.” Devin doesn’t look too happy, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Dana returns! She returns just to give her some more pats on the head and pretend she is DJ and tells Devin to “rock on.” Awkward.

Finally, Devin interviews the NXT Tag Team Champions: The Vaudevillians! She talks about NXT making its debut in Texas and that they will be facing Dash and Dawson in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They talk about how it would be an honor to win the Tag Team Classic as NXT Tag Team Champs. Which then brings in Alexa who says “it’s gonna be a little hard to do [win] without the tag team titles..” which then leads her to announce that next week Blake and Murphy are getting their rematch next week on NXT! Blake and Murphy mock them by using some of the words that the Vaudevillians used earlier on.


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NXT Recap: September 9th!
Published by: · Date: 2015/09/10 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, Uncategorized, WWE NXT

This week, first up we see Devin with the self-proclaimed “Total Diva”, Dana Brooke! Devin mentions that Dana has a match next, but it looks like something is bothering her. Dana says that something is bothering her and it’s not that she hasn’t patted her [Devin] on the head lately…or that Carmella calls herself the “hottest chick in the ring”. She says that she had to watch Bayley, who she has beaten, win the NXT Women’s Championship. She talks about how she wanted to be known as the champion and the best female wrestler in NXT. She mentions that people do not think she takes this seriously and that they think that she will use her looks to get to the top, but this makes her “disgusted.” She declined an invitation to the Spain Arnold Classic to compete at NXT and then mentions that “playtime is over.” After this she walks away while Devin looks happy as she realizes she left without patting her on the head, but low and behold Dana returns to give her a signature pat on the head.

Finally, Devin interviews the man who is taking NXT by storm, Apollo Crews. She mentions his debut at NXT Takeover and his victory from last week, and proceeds to ask how he feels. He responds by saying he “can’t even put it in words”, but that at Brooklyn and last week it wasn’t just the NXT Universe, it was “the Apollo Nation.” He says the nation is about to take over NXT.


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Published by: · Date: 2015/09/04 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, WWE NXT

This week on NXT, Devin Taylor starts off with the superstar that gravity forgot, Neville and his partner Solomon Crowe. She mentions to Neville that he is one of the hottest superstars in WWE right now and also asks how excited he is to compete in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Neville talks about how important Dusty was in his life and that he is probably the reason that he (Neville) is where he is today and that he will always owe Dusty an eternal gratitude. He says it’ll be an honor to compete in the tournament and even more so to win it. She then asks Solomon to tag with Neville. He responds by saying that it’s already an honor to compete in the tournament but the chance to compete with Neville has got him feeling pretty good! He’s calling his shot like Babe Ruth and then makes a loud “BAM!” that could deafen anyone wearing headphones. He says they’re winning this thing! Neville says he agrees, but “that was weird”, which I think everyone agrees with.

Later on Devin interviews Jason Jordan and his partner Chad Gable. She asks them if they have any final words before their match against Neville and Solomon Crowe. Jason responds that they know people think that because of Neville being Crowe’s partner, that they are now the underdogs and people think they are history. He responds to these people by saying they are going to make history when they beat Crowe and Neville. Gable then jumps in and asks what’s that thing they say about history? but then replies to his own question by saying “It’s written by the winners”. They say they’re handing out free lessons to Neville and Crowe. Gable says Neville will fly a little too close to the sun and they will make that he falls and fails. He also tells Crowe that people are gonna forget that he even exists (I thought we already had?). Who? Jason replies (Exactly!) Chad says their American dream will turn into a nightmare when they run in him and Jason. They then have a little awkward dispute over Jason saying Gable’s name. Devin seems to feel awkward over this as they leave.

Next up, Devin interview the NXT Champion, Finn Balor! She congratulates him on retaining his title at Brooklyn, but also mentions that now he will have to defend in upcoming NXT shows in Texas. He talks about NXT being at the forefront of a renaissance and he is looking forward to NXT planting its flag over the state of Texas. Devin mentions to him the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and how he will be teaming with Samoa Joe! Joe tells Finn he knows how important the championship is to Finn and congratulates him on retaining the title, but the Tag Team Classic is also important. He says he doesn’t wanna just do well…he wants to win it all. He thens asks Finn if he is ready. They shake hands as Finn replies saying he is ready.


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NXT Recap: August 26th!
Published by: · Date: 2015/08/27 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, Video, WWE NXT

This week on NXT Devin Taylor starts off her night interviewing 2/3’s of ‘PCB’ Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Taylor mentioned that later in the evening they were going to have a match with Dana Brooke and Emma. Charlotte explained that although Dana Brooke has said since the beginning that she’s had a mission to be the most dominant female and made Emma her sidekick. The only thing on their agenda tonight is to pull out the win.

Later in the night Taylor meets up with Brooke and Emma in the lockerroom to discuss what (P)CB said about them. Of course, like always, Dana interrupts. Both women had no worries about the match, they explain that they’re simply more dominant. Brooke taps on Devin’s head and makes fun of her a bit. Devin doesn’t look impressed.

Later in the night Taylor interviews Mr.Regal to hear his news about the Dusty Rhodes tournament next week on NXT. Baron Corbin invited himself into the conversation demanding himself to be apart of this match.

Devin finishes up her night by interviewing Alexa and her sidekicks to ask what happened when they lost at NXT Brooklyn. They seemed a bit upset to say the least. Alexa interrupted and explained her anger towards Blue Pants. Overall a good week for Devin, 4 appearances.


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NXT Recap: July 29th!
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/30 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, Uncategorized, Video, WWE NXT

This week started out with an interview from last week where Devin Taylor interviewed Clark Gable and Blake. Taylor congratulates them and asks why it is they mesh together so well. Blake responds that him and Gable might not see eye to eye but when it comes to it they get the job done because they’re professional. They don’t need some gimmick to get their point across. Gable smirks and says they’re prepared because they’re ready, willing, and Gable.

Next Devin Taylor interviews Dana Brooke. Taylor in the beginning tries to ask her a question before Brooke interrupts her. Brooke smirks and says that even though no one thinks she can beat Charlotte she knows she can. Taylor throughout the whole thing holds a smirk and a eye roll. As Brooke goes for her signature head pat on Taylor she smiles and says Tonight is too important for that. Taylor smiles and wishes her a good luck before Brooke comes back and laughs. Sike she responds before giving a signature head pat.

Taylor interviews Eva Marie. Devin congratulates Eva on her victory last week and Eva responds that she’s grateful her hard work is paying off and that she’s coming for the NXT womens championship.


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NXT Recap: July 22nd!
Published by: · Date: 2015/07/23 · Filed Under: Gallery updates, Screen Captures, WWE NXT

Devin Taylor interviews Eva Marie before her much anticipated in ring NXT return. Taylor asks what the WWE universe should expect to see from Marie. The first thing Eva responded with was a thank you and that the WWE universe had a misconception of all red everything. Eva tells the WWE universe to open their eyes because they’re going to like what they’re going to see.

Later in the night Devin Taylor is joined by Emma and Dana Brooke. Taylor passed along Bayleys message to Emma that the next time she sees her she’ll do more than hug her. Emma just laughed and claimed that sounded creepy. Emma got wild up aabout wanting to break Bayleys childish spirit and Brooke was there to “calm her down”.Dana mocked Bayley by asking Emma if she wanted a hug. The two hugged in front of Devin and walked away. Dana then came back to leave one of her signature head taps on Devin Taylor’s head. Taylor didn’t seem to approve of this at all, you could see the frustration building.

Devin then came up to Alexa Bliss, Blake, and Murphy to hear their thoughts. Taylor explained that the Vaud Villains were on a roll and asked if they were afraid of there upcoming title match. The men laughed about the time difference between the two groups and Alexa brushed them off and answered they were going to leave champions.


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